Other Research

Future of Logic Programming Workshop

Visions for the Future of Logic Programming: Laying the Foundations for a Modern Successor to Prolog. A workshop in association with ILPS'95 (International Logic Programming Symposium) Portland, Oregon (USA), Dec. 7, 1995. (Full text of proceedings).

The Essence of Multiparadigm Programming

Six blind sages were shown an elephant, and met to discuss their experience. ``It's wonderful,'' said the first, ``an elephant is like a snake: slender and flexible.'' ``No, no, not at all,'' said the second, ``an elephant is like a tree: sturdily planted on the ground.'' ``Marvelous,'' said the third, ``an elephant is like a wall.'' ``Incredible,'' said the fourth, ``an elephant is a tube filled with water.'' ``What is then this mythical beast that is all things to all?,'' said the fifth. ``Hell if I know,'' said the sixth, ``but let us now disperse and proclaim our wisdom.'' Multiparadigm Programming in Oz (280K).

The Half_Life Compiler

The Half_Life (460K) compiler. This is a partial implementation of a LIFE compiler that is essentially LOGIN (Prolog with psi-terms), compiling into C using the RISC-macro technique, and written with the Wild_Life preprocessor. It is mainly written by Richard Meyer and Bruno Dumant, with guidance by Peter Van Roy. It compiles small example programs correctly and is well-documented, but no guarantees are given as to its suitability for anything at all. Half_Life documentation.
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