Errata for “Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming” (fourth printing)

“Nothing that Man creates should be too perfect, lest it make the gods jealous and bring down their wrath.”

This page lists all known errors and their corrections for the most recent (fourth or higher) printings of the book. The errors in the first printing are given here and the errors in the second and third printings are given here. If you find any new errors, please notify one of the authors. We use the following notation for the corrections: positive line numbers start counting from the top of the text body (including section titles); negative line numbers start counting from the bottom (including section titles and footnote text).

The authors wish to thank the following people for their help in finding errors in the book since the first printing: Hassan Aït-Kaci, Stefan Andrei, Cosmin Arad, Shannon Behrens, Christopher Campbell, Raphaël Collet, Arnaud Dagnelies, Olivier Danvy, Juan Francisco Diaz, Isabelle Dony, Robert Godfroid, Faraz Hussain, Jeff Jackson, John Johnson, Kent Johnson, Harish Karnick, Lyle Kopnicky, Alexandre Kühn, Waclaw Kusnierczyk, Irene Langkilde-Geary, Erick Lavoie, Gary T. Leavens, Mark S. Miller, David R. Musser, Konstantin Popov, Chris Rathman, Fred Spiessens, Tony Tanami Vågenes, Ralf Treinen, and Valentin Vansteenberghe.

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