Aquarius Prolog 1.0

Aquarius Prolog is a high-performance, portable Prolog implementation developed since 1989 by the Aquarius Project at the University of California, Berkeley, the Advanced Computer Architecture Laboratory at the University of Southern California, and at Digital Equipment Corporation's Paris Research Laboratory. Aquarius Prolog 1.0 was released in April 1993. The release includes:

Foundation of Aquarius Prolog: Peter Van Roy's Ph.D. dissertation


Aquarius Prolog is available in two distributions, Enduser and Full, on the following five platforms: The Enduser distribution is intended for users who want to develop and run Prolog programs. It contains only the object code of the system. The Full distribution is intended for research and development in Prolog implementation. It includes full source code and is able to recompile itself. The Enduser distribution requires a maximum of 25 MB of free disk space (some distributions require less), the Full distribution requires a maximum of 85 MB of free disk space (some distributions require less).

How to Get Aquarius Prolog

Aquarius Prolog may be obtained free of charge from USC. To obtain a copy, send a message to (the ACAL listserver) with empty subject and following body:
	get aquarius-info license
You will receive the license agreement by email. After signing and mailing a physical copy to ACAL (the Advanced Computer Architecture Laboratory; see address below), you will be given access to the system. To get more information about the Full and Enduser distributions, send the listserver a message with empty subject whose body contains one or both of the two lines:
	get aquarius-info readme-full
	get aquarius-info readme-enduser

Some of the Full end Enduser distributions may be obtained by anonymous ftp to UCL. If you access these distributions, please send concurrently a license agreement to USC.

Mailing List

We have set up the mailing list aquarius-prolog to provide a forum by which the Aquarius user community can exchange information. To join the mailing list, send the listserver a message with empty subject and following body:
	subscribe aquarius-prolog 
To get more information about the abilities of the listserver, send it a message with help in the body. The aquarius-prolog mailing list is not moderated in the strict sense, but it is monitored by ACAL and by individuals associated with the system's development.


In its current state, the system has a full complement of built-ins (Quintus-compatible), is available free with full source code, but is no longer being maintained.

The Developers

Tom Getzinger, Ralph Clarke Haygood, Peter Van Roy
University of Southern California
Advanced Computer Architecture Laboratory
Attn:  Aquarius Prolog Licensing
3740 S. McClintock, Ste 131
Los Angeles, CA 90089-2561
e-mail (human):
e-mail (listserver):

Please send comments and questions to