MiniCP is a lightweight open-source constraint programming solver for teaching CP. MiniCP: a lightweight solver for constraint programming, Michel, L. and Schaus, P. and Van Hentenryck, P., Mathematical Programming Computation, 2021.


OscaR is a Scala toolkit for solving Operations Research problems. The techniques currently available in OscaR are:
  • Constraint Programming
  • Constrained Based Local Search
  • Discrete Event Simulation
  • Derivative Free Optimization
  • Visualization

Data-Structure and Algorithms

A set of Java exercises for learning Data-Structures and Algorithms github exercises and the solutions to those exercises github solutions organized and based on the book of Algorithms, 4th Edition by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne that I use as the reference book for my Data-Structure and Algorithms course.

Discrete Optimization Projects

A set of Discrete Optimization Projects in Java github projects aimed to be automated tested using unit-tests.

Optimal Decision Trees

PY DL8.5 is a C++ + python-wrapper library for learnin optimal decision trees presented in Aglin, G., Nijssen, S., Schaus, P. PyDL8.5: a Library for Learning Optimal Decision Trees., In IJCAI. 2020.

Decision Diagrams Optimization

DDO is a RUST library for optimization with Decision Diagrams presented in: Ddo, a generic and efficient framework for MDD-based optimization, Xavier Gillard, Pierre Schaus, Vianney Coppé, IJCAI2020


Visualizations of the epidemiological data for Belgium

SEIR Model with Migration

A SEIR Epiemiological Model and Tools based on a migraiton matrix for Europe variant-tool.