Research Team

Current Members: PhD students
  1. Charles Thomas , start in Oct 2016, expected end 2023, Research Topic: Vehicule Routing and LNS
  2. Alexandre Dubray (PhD student), start in Sep 2019, Trajectory mining algorithms and Model Counting (co-supervision with Siegfried Nijssen)
  3. Harold Kiossou (PhD student), start in Nov 2019, Optimal Decision Trees (co-supervision with Ratheil Houndji and Siegfried Nijssen)
  4. Vianney Coppé (PhD student), start in Jan 2019, MDD Solving Optimization (co-supervision Siegfried Nijssen)
  5. Nicolas Golenvaux (PhD student), start in Sept 2020, Migration Analysis and Tools (co-supervision Siegfried Nijssen)
  6. Augustin Delecluse (PhD student), start in Sept 2021, Vehicle Routing and Scheduling with Constraint Programming
  7. Auguste Burlat (researcher), start in Sept 2022, Reinforcement Learning and Networking (co-supervision Cristel Pelsser)
  8. Achille Morenville (researcher), start in Sept 2022, Vision and Robotics applied to Construction in collaboration with CSTC (co-supervision Siegfried Nijssen)
  • Xavier Gillard
  • Gael Aglin

Completed PhD Thesis under my (co-)supervision:

  1. Cyrille Dejemeppe, Sept 2012-Sept 2016, PhD Thesis Constraint Programming Algorithms and Models for Scheduling Applications (co-supervision with Yves Deville)
  2. Ratheil Houndji, Jan 2014-Jun 2017, PhD Thesis Cost-based filtering algorithms for a capacitated lot sizing problem and the constrained arborescence problem (co-supervision with Laurence Wolsey)
  3. Quentin Cappart, Oct 2014-Dec 2017, PhD Thesis Verification of railway interlocking systems and optimisation of railway traffic
  4. Sascha Van Cauwelaert, Sept 2013-Jan 2018, PhD Thesis Engineering scalable propagation in constraint programming
  5. Renaud Hartert, Sept 2013-Sept 2018, PhD Thesis Fast and scalable optimization for segment routing
  6. John Aoga, Oct 2015-June 2019, PhD Thesis Global constraints for mining sets and sequences
  7. Vincent Branders, Sept 2016-June 2021, PhD Thesis Finding submatrices of maximal sum : applications to the analysis of gene expression data (co-supervision with Pierre Dupont)
  8. Hélène Verhaeghe, Sep 2015-Augut 2021, PhD Thesis The extensional constraint (co-supervision with Christophe Lecoutre) ( ACP Doctoral Reseearch Award )
  9. Guillaume Derval, Oct 2016-Dec 2021, PhD Thesis Finding maximum sum submatrices
  10. Gael Aglin, Jan 2018-October 2022, PhD Thesis Optimal Decision TRees Under Constraints (co-supervision with Siegfried Nijssen)
  11. Xaviar Gillard, Jan 2018-October 2022, PhD Thesis Discrete Optimization with Decision Diagrams: Design of a generic solver, Improved bounding techniqes, and fast discovery of good feasible solutions with large neighborhood search

PhD jury member