Research Team

Current Members:
  • Hélène Verhaeghe, start in Sep 2015, Research Topic: Table Constraints (co-supervision with Yves Deville)
  • John Aoga, start in Oct 2015, Research Topic: Sequence Mining with CP
  • Guillaume Derval, start in Oct 2016, Research Topic: Deep-learning and migration prediction
  • Charles Thomas, start in Oct 2016, Research Topic: Vehicule Routing and LNS
  • Gael Aglin, start in January 2018, Research Topic: Data-Mining (co-supervision with Siegfried Nijssen)
  • Alexandre Mattenet, start in Sept 2018, Research Topic: Block Models Data-Mining (co-supervision with Siegfried Nijssen)
Former Members (completed PhD under my (co-)supervision): Former Members:
  • Steven Gay (post-doc researcher), start in Dec 2013, Research Topic: CP Scheduling for steel production and Software Defined Networks

PhD jury member