Research Team

Current Members:
  • Sascha Van Cauwelaert, start in Sept 2013, Research Topic: CP Solver Engineering, Global Constraints for scheduling
  • Quentin Cappart, start in Oct 2014, Research Topic: Combinatorial problems in Rail-Interlocking Systems
  • Hélène Verhaeghe, start in Sep 2015, Research Topic: Table Constraints (co-supervision with Yves Deville)
  • John Aoga, start in Oct 2015, Research Topic: Sequence Mining with CP
  • Guillaume Derval, start in Oct 2016, Research Topic: Deep-learning and migration prediction
  • Charles Thomas, start in Oct 2016, Research Topic: Vehicule Routing and LNS
  • Gael Aglin, start in December 2017, Research Topic: Predictive Maintenance
Former Members (completed PhD under my supervision): Former Members:
  • Steven Gay (post-doc researcher), start in Dec 2013, Research Topic: CP Scheduling for steel production and Software Defined Networks
  • Renaud Hartert, Sept 2013-May 2016, Research Topic: Multi-Objective Optimization and Software Defined Networks (co-supervision with Olivier Bonaventure)

PhD jury member

  • Guillaume Perez (U-Nice France), Development and implementation of efficient algorithms for compression using Multivalued Decision Diagrams (MDDs) with application in constraint pro- gramming, in text and music generation and statistics constraints. 2017
  • Sylvain Ducomman (G-SCOP, Grenoble, France), Optimisation de tournées de véhicules par programmation par contraintes : conception et développement d’un solveur industriel. 2017
  • Le Van, Thanh (KULeuven, Belgium), Rank Matrix Factorisation and its Applications. 2017
  • BUI Quoc Trung (UCL, Belgium), Modelling and solving complex combinatorial optimization problems: quorumcast routing, elementary shortest path, elementary longest path and agricultural land allocation. 2016
  • Jean-Baptiste Mairy (UCL, Belgium), Propagators for Table Constraints. 2015