Third Workshop on
Model Checking and Artificial Intelligence
MoChArt '05

Instruction to Authors

August 27, 2005 - San Francisco, CA, USA
co-located with CONCUR 2005 and SPIN 2005

The proceedings of the workshop will be published electronically by Elsevier as a volume of Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science (Editor's site).  The volume should be available before the workshop begins.  A hardcopy will be distributed to workshop participants. 

ENTCS requires final versions to be prepared using the LaTeX system with specific formatting files.  Detailed instructions can be found on the ENTCS Macro Home Page.  Authors should download a copy of the generic ENTCS Macro Package linked near the top of the page, as well as a copy of the file prentcsmacro.sty for MoChArt '05 in the Table at the bottom of the page. This file should be substituted for the file entcsmacro.sty that comes with the generic package. The package contains ample instructions for preparing papers.  Authors should use the file example.tex as a template for their paper, taking care to include key words in the area provided within the frontmatter section of the file. 

There is no strict page limit on final versions.  They should be approximately the same size as the reviewed submissions (in amount of text, not number of pages).  Authors are welcome to add some material, up to about a page, to address reviewer's comments.  Any more significant extensions should be discussed with the Organizers.

Authors also need to fill out an information sheet and mail it back along with your final version.  This information will be used to prepare a Copyright Transfer Form.  Elsevier will contact the corresponding author to complete and sign the form when the volume is ready for publication.

Authors of accepted papers are invited to submit final versions by July 29, 2005 to the following e-mail address:  Please submit the LaTeX source file for your paper, along with any nonstandard LaTeX macro files and other auxiliary files (figures, bibliography, etc) that are needed to compile your paper, and a PDF copy for control purposes, bundled as a compressed file.

Please contact Charles Pecheur for any additional information:

Charles Pecheur
UCL, Dept. Computing Science and Engineering
Place Sainte Barbe 2
1348 Louvain La Neuve
Phone: +32-10-47 87 79

Last updated July 8, 2005 – Curator: Charles Pecheur